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This is your complete gateway to these fabulous mesh hats.  Now many people have many different uses for them.  Some need them for youth sports or for a group.  Some people need them for work.  And there are others that don’t need them at all, but simply love the style!


Whatever you’re looking for you can find it here.


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But first, a little background on the trucker cap.  As you may have guessed, this hat was at first a purely functional hat.  It was used by farmers, truck drivers, and all types of rural workers.  Mainly, it was about keeping the sun out and protecting the head and face.  It needed to be durable to withstand heat and moisture.  Pretty simple right?


So traditionally, the hat was known for being a little taller above the head and having a rather stiff brim.  It was designed to work, not look good.  Now, there are all different types of fabrics used on the front.  There is, of course, the standard hat, but then you’ll find various types of cloth, even velvet. 


Now, the functionality is still there, but the ability to customize is just limitless.  One of my favorites is the Metroid cap.  This one is based on an old Nintendo game called Metroid (one that took me a long time to win).  I loved this game and when I found a hat featuring Metriod I thought it was the coolest thing ever.


And I’m not alone.  The fashion and the ability to make a statement with these hats is just phenominal.  So much so that if you look at enought tabloid photos, you are bound to see many celebrities sporting them.  You may even see some studded with jewels.


The ability to take them to the extreme is also possible.  Forget about buying a custom designed one, just design your own.  You could actually draw, write, or create whatever you want and make your very own trucker hat.


So come on in and browse around.  The trucker cap is waiting for you in all of it’s glory!