Attention hunters!  The camo trucker cap is here.  I’m kidding in part, but there is plenty of seriousness to that.  For me, when I see a camo cap, the first thing comes to mind is hunting.  It’s obviously a natural association and fishing and any out door activity is definitely suitable for the camo hat.


Keep this in mind, the camoflauge trucker hat really goes back to the original function of the hat.  This is probably the closest version to the original, at least in principle.  That being said, this is probably one to consider if you are looking for a hat that is strictly for work purposes.  The camo hats are not going to get beat up by sweat and moisture because they are darker in color.  They’re not dark enough though that they will attract a lot of heat.


Deadly Camo Trucker Cap Camo Trucker Cap Blue Camo Trucker Cap



Aside from the functional aspect the camoflauge caps are definitely a fashion conscious options.  One of my favorites is the blue camo hat.  I like camoflauge in general, but the blue camo just has a nice twist to it.  It’s functional at heart, but it also has a pinch of style on top.


Another great use for these hats happens when you’re fishing.  If you’re short a tackle box, then stick your lures right into the foam front of the cap.  Talk about function.  And if you live in a place where lures are fashion forward, then you’ve got a double bonus.  The camo trucker cap can go a long way and in many directions.