Well, hands down, a custom trucker cap is the most fun way to go.  Seriously, there are so many different styles and types that you could take days browsing through all of them.


What’s more is that there are types for every style.  If you like things plain, then a plain trucker hat is the way to go.  You can get one in just about any color or get a plain one in multiple colors to add some customization and flair.


Trucker Cap Mushroom Trucker Cap Plaid Trucker Cap



On the flip side of this, your cap can be absolutely jam packed with sweet designs and content.  It can have a printed design, with multiple colors, then studded with jewels or buttons on top of it.  Your imagination is how far you can take this.  Seriously!


Some of my favorite trucker caps are the retro ones.  Think of old movies, the disco era, Nintendo, and anything else old school.  Well, there is probably a trucker hat to go along with it and it is probably custom designed.


Just think about your favorite styles, eras, or activities and then search for that type of trucker cap or hat and you will be there.  You’ll be amazed at just how many a custom trucker cap you will find.