Well, hands down, a custom trucker cap is the most fun way to go.  Seriously, there are so many different styles and types that you could take days browsing through all of them.


What’s more is that there are types for every style.  If you like things plain, then a plain trucker hat is the way to go.  You can get one in just about any color or get a plain one in multiple colors to add some customization and flair.


Trucker Cap Mushroom Trucker Cap Plaid Trucker Cap



On the flip side of this, your cap can be absolutely jam packed with sweet designs and content.  It can have a printed design, with multiple colors, then studded with jewels or buttons on top of it.  Your imagination is how far you can take this.  Seriously!


Some of my favorite trucker caps are the retro ones.  Think of old movies, the disco era, Nintendo, and anything else old school.  Well, there is probably a trucker hat to go along with it and it is probably custom designed.


Just think about your favorite styles, eras, or activities and then search for that type of trucker cap or hat and you will be there.  You’ll be amazed at just how many a custom trucker cap you will find.

Did I hear you say the white trucker cap is boring?  I certainly hope not.  Yes, I suppose at first thought it’s very basic and bland, but just like a blank trucker cap, it’s the foundation for some outstanding designs and creations.


Now remember, you can always just stick with the basic of basics and get a plain white trucker hat all the way around.  No extra designs, no custom work, just the epitomy of simple.  And still keeping it simple you can find trucker caps with white mesh and colored fronts or with a white front and colored mesh.  If that’s your thing.


Hardy White Trucker Cap White Trucker Cap Quicksilver White Trucker Cap



A quick word of warning here.  If you are looking for a trucker hat to serve functional purposes only and you will be active at your job/business, think twice about getting a white one.  With hard work comes sweat and if you sweat wearing one of these hats, you’re going to get moisture lines on it.  Not to mention it may smell less than decent after a while as well.


If you are looking to serve a purpose, such as company hats, then a white hat can be the perfect option.  It will allow you to add a logo or company phrase that really stands out.  And of course, if you are a fashionista, then the world is your oyster.


The white trucker cap may appear simple and basic, but it’s actually very versatile!

The retro trucker cap is, without question, one of the most fun hats out there.  There is such a range of styles and colors that come in to play.  It really is fantastic!


Here are just a few of the retro hats that you will see – vintage label soft drink caps, like coke, pepsi, and mountain dew; old school sayings, like ‘that’s rad’; faded country flags; vintage bicycles; old bands.  There are just so many different options.  This is hands down one of the most fun areas to shop.


Pump Retro Trucker Cap Retro Trucker Cap Marine Retro Trucker Cap



Fashion and style are definitely the focus here.  It’s a great way to express yourself and make a personal statement.  These hats are also a great way to stir up conversation as they attract attention and become a centerpiece for discussion.


The web is literally littered with outrageous retro caps.  Here are a few spots to get you started.  You will find hats that make you laugh, cry, and cheer.  It truly is awesome.


Get ready for the amazing retro trucker cap!

If you are looking to stand out, try a red trucker cap.  Now, this cap has all of the same potential as the other trucker hats, but being in red, it just has that extra pizazz and flare.  The red caps offer nice loud contrast.


There are some great color contrast options with red hats.  First, you can have the mesh of the cap be entirely red and then have the bill and front a different color.  A red cap with a white front provides a sharp bold contrast.  You could even have the mesh red, the bill red, and then the front white.  Or if white is not your favorite, go with black, or yellow, or just about any color you want.


Boston Red Trucker Cap Bud Red Trucker Cap Hardy Red Trucker Cap



Similar to the black hat, the red mesh trucker hats also offer a great background for customization.  Like I mentioned above, the ability to contrast is perfect.  There is fantastic opportunity to customize here.  Not only in the design, but also adding things like buttons and jewels.  These can really pop and perform great for making a personal statement.


That being said, it’s perfectly fine to go with something simple and plain.  A completely red cap is sharp and will stand out nicely and a red trucker cap with a different color front is also simple, but looks very good.


Feel free to explore what’s possible with these trucker hats.

Attention hunters!  The camo trucker cap is here.  I’m kidding in part, but there is plenty of seriousness to that.  For me, when I see a camo cap, the first thing comes to mind is hunting.  It’s obviously a natural association and fishing and any out door activity is definitely suitable for the camo hat.


Keep this in mind, the camoflauge trucker hat really goes back to the original function of the hat.  This is probably the closest version to the original, at least in principle.  That being said, this is probably one to consider if you are looking for a hat that is strictly for work purposes.  The camo hats are not going to get beat up by sweat and moisture because they are darker in color.  They’re not dark enough though that they will attract a lot of heat.


Deadly Camo Trucker Cap Camo Trucker Cap Blue Camo Trucker Cap



Aside from the functional aspect the camoflauge caps are definitely a fashion conscious options.  One of my favorites is the blue camo hat.  I like camoflauge in general, but the blue camo just has a nice twist to it.  It’s functional at heart, but it also has a pinch of style on top.


Another great use for these hats happens when you’re fishing.  If you’re short a tackle box, then stick your lures right into the foam front of the cap.  Talk about function.  And if you live in a place where lures are fashion forward, then you’ve got a double bonus.  The camo trucker cap can go a long way and in many directions.

The black trucker cap is the dark side of style.  It’s also a great canvas to do some creating and customizing on.  Now remember, the cap can be all black or the front can be black only with the mesh being a different color.  So you can choose to go fully dark or throw some contrast in there.


The plain black trucker hat is basically universal.  It can be completely functional, used only during work, or to keep the head and face out of the sun.  But remember it is black and will attract more heat than lighter colors.  On the other hand, plain black is also very fashionable.  It can be the perfect accessory to a number of different outfits.


Deere Black Trucker Cap Puma Black Trucker Cap Lost Black Trucker Cap



The other possibility that comes up with a plain black one is that of adding elements right on top.  Rhinestones, or if you are a high roller, diamonds will stand out quite nicely.  As I am sure many of you have seen, buttons and pins can be added to trucker hats as well.  The black back drop is perfect for lighter buttons and pins to stand out on.


And, just as with any color trucker hat, the black ones come in a variety of pre-customized styles.  Some of my favorite are the black hats with abstract designs on the front.  Those really pop.


Any way you choose to go, the black trucker cap is a great fit!!

The gold standard of caps, the mesh trucker cap is here.  Not to toot on its horn too much, but the mesh cap and trucker hat are basically synonymous.  A trucker cap is the same thing as a mesh cap.  Now, as time has worn on, the traditional mesh trucker hat has evolved from having just a foam front to having felt fronts and other types of cloth as well.

The mesh hat has gone from a very simple, functional hat to the extremes of customization and personal expression.  Back in the day, mesh hats were pretty much devoid of style.  At the most, it was a company logo displayed and that was about the extent of design or fashion.


Neon Mesh Trucker Hat Mesh Trucker Cap Texas Mesh Trucker Cap


Now, however, that’s a completely different story.  The hat still has it’s functional qualities, but it has evolved drastically in terms of style.  The mesh is simply the background and usually part of the functionality.  The front, foam portion and bill are where the style happens.  Those areas still provide function, but they are the bedrock of the style component.

The mesh trucker cap, as said above, is simply the synonym of trucker hat.  They are one in the same and share the same functionality and sweet style!