The gold standard of caps, the mesh trucker cap is here.  Not to toot on its horn too much, but the mesh cap and trucker hat are basically synonymous.  A trucker cap is the same thing as a mesh cap.  Now, as time has worn on, the traditional mesh trucker hat has evolved from having just a foam front to having felt fronts and other types of cloth as well.

The mesh hat has gone from a very simple, functional hat to the extremes of customization and personal expression.  Back in the day, mesh hats were pretty much devoid of style.  At the most, it was a company logo displayed and that was about the extent of design or fashion.


Neon Mesh Trucker Hat Mesh Trucker Cap Texas Mesh Trucker Cap


Now, however, that’s a completely different story.  The hat still has it’s functional qualities, but it has evolved drastically in terms of style.  The mesh is simply the background and usually part of the functionality.  The front, foam portion and bill are where the style happens.  Those areas still provide function, but they are the bedrock of the style component.

The mesh trucker cap, as said above, is simply the synonym of trucker hat.  They are one in the same and share the same functionality and sweet style!