If you are looking to stand out, try a red trucker cap.  Now, this cap has all of the same potential as the other trucker hats, but being in red, it just has that extra pizazz and flare.  The red caps offer nice loud contrast.


There are some great color contrast options with red hats.  First, you can have the mesh of the cap be entirely red and then have the bill and front a different color.  A red cap with a white front provides a sharp bold contrast.  You could even have the mesh red, the bill red, and then the front white.  Or if white is not your favorite, go with black, or yellow, or just about any color you want.


Boston Red Trucker Cap Bud Red Trucker Cap Hardy Red Trucker Cap



Similar to the black hat, the red mesh trucker hats also offer a great background for customization.  Like I mentioned above, the ability to contrast is perfect.  There is fantastic opportunity to customize here.  Not only in the design, but also adding things like buttons and jewels.  These can really pop and perform great for making a personal statement.


That being said, it’s perfectly fine to go with something simple and plain.  A completely red cap is sharp and will stand out nicely and a red trucker cap with a different color front is also simple, but looks very good.


Feel free to explore what’s possible with these trucker hats.